The Best Templates for eCommerce Websites

Creating an ecommerce website is different to just creating a blog or any other single static page. An ecommerce requires an inventory platform that allows you to set counters, check out with different process and perhaps even an affiliate’s platform.

And all these things need to work together with a beautiful template or a theme that can be worth hundreds or even thousands or an extra platform (not self hosted).

Since I’m a WordPress and Shopify lover, the best way to create your own eCommerce website is using a template and the eCommerce plugin from the WordPress repository (WooCommerce is the best one). So if you’re really interested (by now, while I fill this website with themes and features) you can check some WP eCommerce themes offered by Elegant themes. The full membership allows you to download up to 80 different themes (6 currently offer e-shop functionality) and they all work great and fit different styles.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something, perhaps more sophisticated but all hosted and managed from the same platform, then check this Shopify. Shopify now offers an eCommerce platform at a very affordable price.

One last option would be Amazon. Some people learn how to sell things on Amazon or sell others people things and get a commission without owning a product. Just to get an idea check out the amazon affiliate earnings reported by this guy in a really interesting case study.

I’ll work on add many new themes and featured to the page, but meanwhile, have a look at those offerings. Ciao!

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